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Precision Sheet Metal Engineering

Experience tells us that engineering is rarely a simple, straight forward process. The ability to design solves problems, ensuring that a machine or process achieves what it is meant to.

When working with the team at WCSE, you can be sure we will focus fully on getting the result that you require, from the initial design phase through to the installation and commissioning of the new plant and equipment.

While it is easy to provide a list of what we typically do, and the skills and expertise we can bring to a project, a key factor in our success is our team pragmatic approach to getting things done, efficiently and on time. We appreciate that people are central to most processes so we don’t just work for people – we work with them!

Wine Country Sheet Metal and Engineering specialises in:

  •  Precision CNC Laser Cutting
  •  Precision CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting
  •  Precision CNC Folding
  •  Stainless Steel Fabrication
  •  Mild Steel Fabrication
  •  Aluminium Fabrication
  •  Component Manufacturing
  •  Engineering design using the latest Solidworks software
  •  Installation of plant / equipment
  •  Plant Maintenance
  •  Manufacturing of food processing equipment for the Food and Meat processing, Brewing and Wine industries
  •  Manufacturing of equipment for the non-food industry sectors
  •  Manufacturing of tanks and equipment for the Wine Industry
  •  Guarding and Safety System Analysis and Design to NZ standard 4024
  •  Powder Coating
  •  Galvanising

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Generally, we believe that it is critical that our clients select the right material and solution for job. Rarely do short-cuts achieve what is required and can instead jeopardise the whole project.

As a result, we will always recommend the most appropriate material and quality to achieve the required outcome.

Industrial Steel hinged clamp
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