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Precision CNC Laser Cutting

Wine Country Sheet Metal and Engineering has the latest in Precision CNC Laser Cutting technology.

Our two Amada CNC Laser Cutters are capable of processing small and large jobs at high speed without any compromise in accuracy. We are also equipped with the latest of CNC control and the latest in Sigma Nest software which allows us to cut the most number of pieces from each sheet of metal. This is just one of the ways that we ensure competitive pricing on the work we produce.

Using Amada technology, Wine Country Sheet Metal and Engineering provides a high degree of precision when cutting a wide range of materials including Stainless Steel up to 12mm thick, Mild Steel up to 50mm and Aluminium to a maximum thickness of 8mm.

With every job you can expect a fast turnaround, precision, quality finishe and a service that is competitively priced.

Wine Country Sheet Metal & Engineering also offers services to a broad range of industry sectors including Engineering, Food, Wine, Beverage, Manufacturing, Artists, Designers, Sign Writers and Architects to name but a few.

Our services include Concept Design and CAD drawings to get your project started. Our talented, experienced team will then cut, fold and weld components to manufacture the finished product. We can also galvanise or powder coat some or all of the elements that make up your product, meaning everything can usually be done under the one roof. This ensures a quality result and saves you time and money.

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Precision CNC Laser Cutting

Precision CNC Laser Cutting in Action

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